A Video I’ve Been Using

Hi all

Since my last post I’ve been having great results with the meditation, and journaling also.

I’ve been experimenting with my mind some more, this time by checking out some binaural beats and isocronic tones videos that are for specific uses such as creativity, concentrating and focus, in order to get myself prepared for a jam with my favourite guitar (my Stratocaster) and some songwriting exploits.. My favourite video that I’ve used as prep so far is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp082m5wHcY

Til next time, be well

Holosync and Lifeflow – Unusual Meditation “Technology”

Meditation the Easy Way with Lifeflow

I’ve been meditating for a few years now and first of all with Vipassana, which is a fantastic place to start, focussing on the breath, which is, ¬†according to Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the life force of the body and soul.

Earlier this year I was seeking out some new avenues and found out about the relatively new technology called Binaural Beats.

The most popular binaural beats program on the market ¬†is called Holosync from Centerpointe Research Institute. It’s president, Bill Harris was a follower of Osho and a student of the esoteric Zen Buddhist philosophy.

Here is a fantastic Centerpointe Holosync meditation review comparing it to another brainwave entrainment program that I talk about below, Project Meditation Lifeflow.

It’s powerful stuff, meditation – it can be life-transforming, enabling great leaps forward in energetic clearing, awareness and generally-speaking, in letting emotional and psychological baggage go.

Lifeflow is a program from Project Meditation, and is not really a binaural beats program per se, as it uses monaural beats and isochronic tones mainly.

It’s less heavy going compared to Holosync, which people report can cause quite a lot of emotional overwhelm. Lifeflow in my experience, is slightly slower going growth-wise (Holosync is like a plow in this regard) but it’s subtly powerful in terms of digging up unconscious material and also growing awareness. I like it, I must say.

Be well